Area of Operations

What Does It Mean?

It seems that Parrot Head Clubs are popping up all over the world these days! Our Phlock is growing and it’s getting harder to keep track of all the issues that individual clubs face on a regular basis. One of those issues is interactions with the neighboring clubs. The vast majority of neighboring clubs work together and share a good relationship, but there are exceptions to every rule. When there is more than one club in a close area trying to obtain support from local businesses and recruit membership, sometimes the “quarters can be a little close”.

Every domestic chapter must designate a USPS zip code which best reflects the club’s Center of Activity. This COA remains constant and may only be altered by petitioning the Board and showing good cause. This COA does not restrict club operations to that zip code…it merely serves as a center point from which to calculate a radius of 30 miles, which is known as a chapter’s Area of Operations. It should be noted that our clubs change in membership numbers and areas we frequent. This can alter our COA and should be noted yearly during membership renewal. Also, if your club is recognized by being in or near a major city, your COA should reflect a pin or zip code within the boundaries of that city or closest to what would be your center of activity but within the city limits.

It really comes down to following the Golden Rule and treating others as you hope to be treated in return (or something like that). For clubs that “share territory”, make sure you know where the boundaries are, for starters. Communicate events to your neighboring club leaders, and unless it is a completely unbearable situation, try to work together through issues and get along. We are ultimately a social organization, and it’s important to pick the right battles. Besides, the best events are the ones where neighbors cooperate—Regional Events Rock! So communicate with your neighbors, and remember that we are all in this together and for mostly the same reasons. “Chill and have a ‘Rita”.

If you can’t work out your differences, or just for advice at any time, contact your RC, or any Executive Committee Member from PHiP and they will do their best to help you through the issue.