Regional Communicator Guidelines

Published March, 2019

  1. Statement of Purpose
    The purpose of the Regional Communicators Committee is to improve the flow of communication within each club, each region, and with Parrot Heads in Paradise, Inc. and improve the interaction between these parties.
  2. Goals
    1. Encourage interaction between clubs and Parrot Heads in Paradise, Inc. (PHiP).
    2. Grow and retain number of clubs and overall PHiP members.
    3. Support newly sanctioned chapters to foster and ensure long term viability and a smooth assimilation into the PHiP organization.
  3. Regional Communicators
    1. Qualifications
      1. Own a computer and have an email account.
      2. Possess and demonstrate sound communications skills.
      3. Possess and demonstrate sound leadership skills.
      4. Possess a solid working knowledge of the By-Laws, Policies and Procedures of PHiP.
      5. Be knowledgeable on starting a new club.
  4. Structure
    1. There will be two or more Regional Communicators (RCs) per region.
    2. The RCs will report to a member of the PHiP Board of Directors as designated by the PHiP Board.
    3. Duties may be shared/split between RCs within a region as the RCs agree.
    4. If an RC is unable to fulfill (either temporarily or permanently) their duties, their teammate(s) should be in the position and have the knowledge to continue the communication flow.
    5. The relationship between the RCs within each region should be one of extremely open communication by phone, text, in person or by email.
  5. Duties
    1. Support the By-Laws, Policies and Procedures of PHiP.
    2. Communicate critical information from PHiP or related to Meeting of The Minds to club leaders in their region via direct email, phone or e-group as needed and in a timely manner.
    3. Encourage, institute and participate in relevant discussions on the region’s e-group.
    4. Maintain addresses on the region’s e-group.
    5. Maintain, monitor and update the region’s Facebook page or group.
    6. Maintain Regional Calendars or verify that they are being populated.
    7. Plan and participate in regional club leaders’ meetings where possible.
    8. Participate in majority of RC conference calls and attend RC Meeting at Meeting of The Minds if attending convention.
    9. On a periodic basis but at least annually, verify that all clubs have functioning and current websites and notify the Director of Membership of those clubs not in compliance.
    10. Refrain from becoming involved in or attempting to mediate intra-chapter or inter-chapter problems or disputes other than to advice the PHiP Director of Membership of the existence thereof.