Election Guidelines For Parrot Heads in Paradise, Inc.

  1. Elections shall be conducted in the manner set forth in the PHiP By-Laws
  2. No campaigning is allowed on any of the PHIP run lists including the PHIP and Regional Groups and the PHIP and Regional Facebook pages. This includes campaigning by proxy.
  3. The Elections Officer shall tally the ballots and then email all Official Charter Club contacts, nominees, current Board of Directors, the PHIP list, and the PHIP Club leader’s list simultaneously. This shall be done no later than October 20th.
  4. The official announcement of the election shall be done at the Club Leaders brunch at MOTM.
  5. Under no circumstances should it be communicated who voted for whom. All communications between the elections officer and point of contact within PHiP shall be confidential. In the case of an Official complaint, the election disputes committee shall be privy to this information.
  6. After votes are tallied, they shall be saved until after the Club Leaders Brunch. Nominees who believe they have cause for complaint will have until Oct 25 to file a complaint with the Elections Officer. In case of a complaint, the ballot file will be turned over to a committee of three club
    leaders. The three Club Leaders (appointed by the remaining, non-running PHIP Executive committee) and non-running members of the BOD will resolve all issues during MOTM. The result will be announced at the Club Leaders Brunch. All files shall be destroyed (deleted) after Meeting of the Minds in the election year.
  7. The PHIP, Inc. BOD shall receive a list of all charter clubs who voted in the Election, this list should not include how their votes were cast.
  8. The Elections Officer shall write a wrap up report. This report shall include suggestions, critiques, and criticisms. This report should be delivered to the new Board of Directors in January.
  9. All elected and appointed PHiP board members will continue with the policy of signing a non disclosure/confidentiality/ conflict of interest upon acceptance of office