As approved by the PHIP Board February 3, 2023


Pursuant to the request of HK Management, The Howard Rose Agency, and Margaritaville Holdings, Inc., NO club member, founder, Parrot Head Chapter or club president is authorized to contact any of these organizations regarding Jimmy Buffett concert tickets or any other matter. Any and all communication shall be through Parrot Heads in Paradise (PHiP), Inc. Any violation may result in disciplinary action, up to and including loss of Club Charter.

Chapters that do not submit their complete semi-annual reports or annual charter renewals in accordance with the PHiP By-Laws may not be considered for PHiP club ticket distribution for the calendar year.

Chapters who are not in good standing with Parrot Heads In Paradise Inc. will not be considered eligible for tickets. All Chapters must abide by the PHiP By-Laws.

Chapters may not advertise tickets in any manner, nor may they be used as an inducement for Club membership. For instance, “Join our Club, and you are eligible for club tickets.”

No sale or purchase of Parrot Heads In Paradise Inc. club tickets is allowed to/for any person who is not a member in good standing of a duly sanctioned PHiP chapter. Violation of this policy may result in sanctions of the offending Chapter and possible loss of Club Charter.

Eligibility and Distribution

The Virtual Parrot Head Club is entitled to four (4) tickets per show.

If more club ticket requests are received than have been alloted to PHIP, they shall be distributed in the following order.

  1. Tickets for established club members in the host venue location will take priority. The local coordinator’s club will have an automatic designation as “the closest” (this is usually true anyway – but there may be exceptions).
  2. The Virtual PHC shall be allotted 4 tickets.
  3. In order of increasing distance from the venue – any club within 50 miles of the host venue shall have the next preference. Tickets shall be dispersed according to percentage of membership in the club, number of clubs requesting tickets, and number of available tickets. Tickets should be dispersed evenly in pairs if possible.
  4. Remaining tickets shall be distributed evenly to all other club requests and in pairs if possible. If additional tickets are available they may be distributed evenly and fairly to the requesting clubs on a first come first served basis.
  5. Exceptions to these rules may need to be made in the event of an unusual circumstance or special event.

All members in good standing of sanctioned Parrot Heads in Paradise Inc. Chapters or their minor children or wards, pursuant to local Chapter By-Law policy for membership, are eligible to receive Club Tickets for Jimmy Buffett concerts.

If an individual member or a group of individuals from a Chapter are interested in buying tickets for a show outside of their local area, they must contact their local Chapter president who will contact the designated Local Ticket Coordinator for that show. Ticket requests direct from individual members will not be accepted by Local Ticket Coordinators. It should be noted that all requests of tickets for individuals/Chapters from outside their local area will only be available should there be remaining tickets after the eligible clubs have turned in their numbers.

  • The club president must submit ticket requests with the following information: the names of the club members who have requested tickets and their status as either an established or new member. Each club should have in place their own internal allocation system in the event that
    they do not receive the number of tickets requested.
  • Established members are those who joined their local PHC on or before December 31 of the previous year and members that changed their club affiliation due to either relocation or the closure of their previous club.
  • Individuals who change club affiliation for any reason other than relocation or the closure of their previous club will be considered new members for the purpose of ticket allocation.
  • If the club president is unavailable or out of town during club ticket sales, they may designate another member of their local PHC board to compile the required information and communicate with the local coordinator on their behalf. That designation shall be made by the club president to the local coordinator. If a local president is, for reasons beyond their control, unable to make this designation personally, an alternate board member may be designated at the request of two or more members of the local PHC board.

Local Ticket Coordinators

  1. The PHiP Ticket Administrator will appoint one Local Ticket Coordinator for each venue/show as they are announced each year.
  2. The Coordinator must be willing and able to be available for phone calls and emails from PHiP in regards to tickets for their specific venue.
  3. The Ticket Administrator will work with the Coordinator to develop a list of Chapters eligible for each show. Each eligible Chapter’s official Club Contact of record shall be sole contact with whom the Coordinator will work.
  4. It shall be the responsibility of the Coordinator to contact eligible Chapters and provide them with ticket information as received from the Ticket Administrator, i.e., ticket price, date and venue.
  5. Coordinators will also provide specific deadlines (Time/Date) for providing the number of tickets required by each club for a show as established by the Administrator in coordination with HK Management’s representative. All ticket requests must be sent to the Ticket Coordinator prior to the deadline. Ticket requests received after the deadline may not be honored.
  6. All ticket requests sent to the Coordinator from Chapter President’s must be in writing in the form of an email. In turn, total ticket requests for each show, by club/amount must be made in writing via email to the Administrator from the Coordinator.
  7. The Coordinator must supply a phone number and email address to the Administrator. This information will be provided to the Howard Rose Agency, along with any other requested information, and the venue representatives for notification of ticket pick-up.
  8. It shall be the responsibility of the Local Ticket Coordinator to not only collect Ticket Numbers from each eligible Chapter, but to also collect the funds to pay for the total number of tickets, pay the venue and pick up the tickets, mailing or delivering them to each club.
  9. No charge over the ticket price may be collected other than for check fee(s), mailing or overnight service from each eligible club.
  10. Should any problems, questions or ticket issues arise, Chapters should contact the Ticket Coordinator, who if required, will contact the Administrator immediately to rectify the situation.

Cost of Tickets / Payments / Timeline

The Administrator will provide the available quantity (up to 300) and cost of tickets, as soon as that information becomes available.

  1. Payment for the tickets should be mailed to the local coordinator in the form of either a Cashier’s Check or USPS Money Order made payable to the venue.
  2. A separate check shall be made payable to the local coordinator’s PHC for postage. A recommended minimum charge of $10 with increases in multiples of $5 if necessary.
  3. Any postage funds left over after all tickets have been mailed out and received by the clubs should be donated to the charity of the local coordinator’s choice.

The Coordinator is responsible for collecting money from all participating Chapters and must provide the venue with a cashier’s check(s) in the full amount of the requested tickets immediately after they have been contacted for pick-up. Payment for tickets from clubs to the venue may not be processed through an individual person’s bank account but payment for mailing fees may be.

Once a Chapter or a member confirms their request for tickets and the final ticket numbers are turned in, changes cannot be made. A commitment for a certain number of tickets must be honored and monies for that amount must be sent to the Ticket Coordinator. Any Chapter who fails to honor their commitment on the total number of tickets requested by that Chapter or its members after the ticket numbers have been turned in, will lose ticket privileges for the following calendar year and may be assessed additional fees during the annual renewal process.

The exact location of tickets for each venue will be known at the time said tickets are received from each venue. Generally, seats are in the same areas from year to year.

It is suggested that when distributing the tickets, mark down the section and seat numbers for each ticket for your Chapter. In the event a ticket is lost, the Ticket Coordinator will be able to have the ticket replaced if this information is provided.

Once the Administrator is advised of an upcoming show, they will send an email to the Club Leaders List advising all Club Leaders of the location of show, the date, the cost of the tickets and who the Coordinator will be for that venue. The email address for the contact will also be included.

Should there be any change(s) to the cost of tickets; an email will be sent to all affected Club Leaders with notification of said change.

As soon as it appears a majority of tickets are not going to be used out of the ticket allotment, the Coordinator will advise the Administrator so said excess can be released to the venue for public sale.

The PHiP Director of Ticket Administration shall mediate all ticket disputes and determinations made are final.