LMBW Youth Ambassador Program

Check out the LMBW Youth Ambassador Program!  This is for your keets age 10-16!  If you haven't looked already, check out Last Mango Boatworks at www.lastmangoboatworks.com to see all of the amazing things they do! Then check out the Youth Ambassador Program for more info and please share with your members! 
Remember:  It takes no more time to see the good side of life than it takes to see the bad. -Jimmy Buffett

Welcome to the Last Mango Boatworks Youth Ambassador Program! Our Last Mango Boatworks Youth Ambassadors represent and promote the Last Mango Boatworks brand, lifestyle and the #SeeTheGoodSide message.

What started as the name of a boat has turned into an apparel brand with a purpose. We’ve grown more than we could have ever imagined. Now, we’re creating more ways for you to get involved and that begins with the Last Mango Boatworks Youth Ambassador Program; a 12-month program dedicated to helping others to See the Good Side.

The more we have discussed how to expand, in a good way that benefits the most people, a Youth Ambassador Program that empowers youth is something all of us are excited about. More than free apparel and discounts, we want to create something that encourages our youth to become leaders, influence their peers, and make a positive impact.

 This is our next step in helping people to #SeeTheGoodSide!

Ambassador Benefits

In addition to apparel and discounts, we are excited about our Youth Ambassadors to become part of the last mango boatworks community. Over the last year, people from around the world have made a commitment to #SeeTheGoodSide and we can;t wait to introduce you to them, share your story, and support the charities of your choosing together.


Each Last Mango Boatworks Ambassador will be gifted an assortment of apparel and gear from our last mango boatworks store. In addition to this one time care package, you will also receive a unique discount code that can be used on www.lastmangoboatworks.com for future purchases while you are an ambassador.


We expect our Last Mango Boatworks youth ambassadors to be law-abiding good citizens and conduct themselves at the highest moral and ethical standards. We expect our ambassadors to do well in school, be a role model to your peers, give back to your community, be kind and well-mannered.

As a Last Mango Boatworks Youth Ambassador, it is expected that you support a local charity of your choice. What you choose is up to you, but we expect you to give back and help others to #SeeTheGoodSide.

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