Radio Trop Rock’s Music for a Purpose CD!

Radio Trop Rock's Music for a Purpose CD is a compilation of songs about Parrot Heads. The CD is to benefit the Lone Palm Foundation- Parrot Heads Helping Parrot Heads!

Your support of this campaign helps fund the production of the CD. 

100% of all money raised over production costs will go directly to the Lone Palm Foundation.

100% of all sales of the CD will go to the Lone Palm Foundation.

The CD will be released to the general public September 1, 2023.

HOWEVER, those that support the production of the CD via this campaign will be mailed a CD, and “perks” according to the level they've purchased no later than August 15th.

The CD is Parrot Head themed and will include the following songs:

Family Tree – Donny Brewer / Eric Erdman / Thom Shepherd / Coley McCabe / Carrie Welling / Sunny Jim (new release)

Parrot Heads – Kelly McGuire (new release)

Parrot Heads Together We Fly – Jimi Pappas

Parrot Heads in Paradise – Darby Leadbetter

Parrot Head Summers – Reggie Starrett

Parrot Head Rendezvous – Brent Burns

Together we Fly – The Boat Drunks

All Hands On Deck – Ricky Lamb

Parrot Head – Bubba Beach Band

Parrot Head – Thom Shepherd

The Original Parrot Head – Kevin Mulvenna

Parrot Head Holiday – Mango Mango

Parrot Heads in Paradise – Stars on the Water

BONUS TRACK: One More Beer – Bob Karwin

Radio Trop Rock and the Lone Palm Foundation are very appreciative of any and all that help support this effort to raise money to help Parrot Heads in need world wide. 

The Lone Palm Foundation is the charitable arm of Parrot Heads in Paradise (PHIP), Inc.

They are a 501(c)3 non-profit organization designed to further the commitment of Parrot Heads worldwide and support the social and environmental needs and concerns within their communities.

By supporting our community and its environs on a local level, striving to preserve the world’s ecosystem for generations to follow, exuding genuine concern for humanity by performing charitable actions and giving back to our fellow man in need through our beneficent aid, our philanthropic goals can be achieved.

Inspired by the life style and teachings of Jimmy Buffett, and with the assistance of angels in tropical shirts, we focus on leaving our world a better place for all.

IMPORTANT: During check out you will see the option to “tip”. We recommend you do NOT TIP. This does NOT go the the charity. We recommend you select “Other Amount” and enter “0.00”. 



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