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TritonApp is your presenting sponsor of PHIP's 2023 Meeting of the Minds: Second Wind Kicking In. is your presenting sponsor of PHIP's 2023 Meeting fo the Minds: Second Wind Kicking In.

The PHIP Board has prioritized improvements in communication and connectedness among Parrot Heads. As a loose affiliation of independently operating chapters, it's always been a struggle for the nation to unite and for Parrot Heads to get news and information about concerts, events, fundraisers and about their fellow parrot heads. Today, the PHIP Board is thrilled to announce the formation of a partnership with TritonApp, LLC, a Parrot Head-owned and Parrot Head-friendly company that is about to help connect Parrot Heads as we've never been connected before!

No need to wait! Go now to your App Store and download TritonApp, and register using your email and type in “PARROTHEADS” (all caps!) when it asks you for a company name. You'll verify with a text code, and you'll be up and running, with access to PHIP and MOTM social media and website, and lots, lots more.
The app will be especially useful for those attending MOTM, since you'll have up-to-the-minute news and information at your fingertips.

Download the app now, and be linked to the listen to Claire Wright's beautiful new song “Heaven's Got a Hell of a Beach.”Fins Up!

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